How To Reset Pre Protected Mode Mercedes

Are you a proud proprietor of a classy Mercedes, geared up with the cutting-edge security function often called Pre Protected Mode?

Mercedes-Benz autos are identified for his or her superior security options, and certainly one of them is the Pre Protected Mode. This progressive system is designed to detect potential accidents and take preventive measures to guard the occupants.

Driving in type and luxurious is undoubtedly a thrill, however what occurs when this superior security system all of a sudden triggers with out warning?

Nevertheless, there could also be cases when the Pre Protected Mode is activated unnecessarily or when it must be reset. On this article, we’ll information you thru the method of resetting Pre Protected Mode in your Mercedes.

What’s Pre Protected Mode?

Pre Protected mode is a security function in Mercedes autos that prompts when the system detects a possible collision. When Pre Protected prompts, it does issues like:

  • Tightens the entrance seat belts
  • Closes the home windows and sunroof
  • Adjusts the entrance passenger seat
  • Prompts the brakes to scale back crash impression

Pre Protected mode will get activated when a sensor detects a possible collision. Nevertheless, generally the sensors could malfunction and activate Pre Protected unintentionally. This places your Mercedes in “Pre Protected mode.”

Why Pre Protected Mode Prompts?

Pre Protected Mode will be activated in varied conditions, reminiscent of:

  • Sudden braking: Should you apply the brakes abruptly, the system could interpret it as an emergency scenario and activate Pre Protected Mode.
  • Speedy acceleration: Equally, sudden acceleration can set off the system.
  • Sharp turns: Taking a pointy flip at excessive speeds may activate Pre Protected Mode.
  • Collision detection: The system makes use of sensors to detect an imminent collision and prompts Pre Protected Mode to arrange the automobile and occupants for impression.

The right way to Reset Pre Protected Mode

Technique 1: Flip Off the Ignition

The only technique to reset Pre Protected mode is to show the ignition off for a couple of minutes:

  1. Put the automobile in park (or impartial for manuals).
  2. Flip the ignition off and take away the important thing.
  3. Wait 5-10 minutes.
  4. Reinsert the important thing and switch the ignition on.
  5. This resets the Pre Protected system and permits it to recalibrate. In lots of instances, that is all it takes to resolve the difficulty.

Technique 2: Disconnect the Battery

If merely turning off the ignition doesn’t work, you’ll must disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes:

  1. Find the unfavorable battery terminal.
  2. Take away the unfavorable cable from the terminal.
  3. Wait 5-10 minutes with the cable disconnected.
  4. Reattach the unfavorable cable to the terminal.
  5. Flip the ignition on. The Pre Protected system ought to now be reset.

Technique 3: Use the Diagnostic Instrument

For cussed Pre Protected points, you could want to make use of a diagnostic software to reset the system:

  1. Join an OBD-II scan software to the automobile’s diagnostic port.
  2. Choose “Pre Protected” from the scan software menu.
  3. Comply with the on-screen directions to reset the Pre Protected system.
  4. The scan software will ship a reset command to recalibrate the sensors and software program.
  5. Disconnect the scan software and take a look at the Pre Protected system by driving as regular.

Different Methods to Repair Pre Protected Mode Points

If merely resetting Pre Protected mode doesn’t resolve the difficulty, there could also be an underlying fault that must be addressed:

  • Verify for defective sensors – Broken or soiled sensors are a typical reason for Pre Protected malfunctions. Have the sensors inspected and changed if wanted.
  • Examine electrical wiring – Corroded or unfastened wiring can result in Pre Protected activating by itself. Have a mechanic examine all related wiring.
  • Repair mechanical points – Issues with brakes, suspension, or different mechanical elements could also be triggering Pre Protected. Have any points recognized and repaired.
  • Take it to the dealership – Should you can’t establish the trigger, the Mercedes dealership has the instruments and experience to correctly diagnose and repair Pre Protected mode points.

Widespread Points and Troubleshooting

Whereas resetting Pre Protected Mode is often an easy course of, there could also be some widespread points you may encounter. Listed below are just a few troubleshooting suggestions:

Concern 1: Pre Protected Mode retains activating

If Pre Protected Mode retains activating unnecessarily, it might be as a result of a defective sensor or a software program glitch. In such instances, it’s endorsed to go to a certified Mercedes-Benz service heart for a radical inspection and prognosis.

Concern 2: Pre Protected Mode received’t reset

In case you have adopted the reset course of however Pre Protected Mode received’t reset, attempt repeating the steps just a few occasions. If the difficulty persists, it’s advisable to hunt skilled help to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Concern 3: Error messages associated to Pre Protected Mode

Should you encounter error messages or warnings associated to Pre Protected Mode, it’s essential to not ignore them. These messages may point out a malfunction within the system, and it’s best to have it checked by a professional technician.

Precautions and Security Measures

Whereas resetting Pre Protected Mode is an easy process, it’s important to prioritize security. Listed below are just a few precautions to remember:

  • At all times carry out the reset course of when the automobile is stationary and in a protected location.
  • Comply with the steps exactly as outlined within the proprietor’s guide or this text.
  • In case you are uncertain or uncomfortable performing the reset your self, seek the advice of knowledgeable technician.


Q1. Can I reset Pre Protected Mode whereas driving?

A1. No, it isn’t advisable to reset Pre Protected Mode whereas driving. At all times carry out the reset course of when the automobile is stationary and in a protected location.

Q2. Will resetting Pre Protected Mode have an effect on different security options?

A2. No, resetting Pre Protected Mode is not going to have an effect on different security options of your Mercedes. It solely resets the Pre Protected Mode system.

Q3. Why does Pre Protected Mode activate unnecessarily?

A3. Pre Protected Mode can activate unnecessarily as a result of varied components, reminiscent of sudden braking, speedy acceleration, or sharp turns. It’s designed to be proactive in potential accident eventualities.

This fall. Can I reset Pre Protected Mode with out opening the driving force’s door?

A4. No, opening and shutting the driving force’s door is a necessary step within the reset course of. It indicators the system to reset Pre Protected Mode.

Q5. What ought to I do if Pre Protected Mode retains activating incessantly?

A5. If Pre Protected Mode retains activating unnecessarily, it’s advisable to go to a certified Mercedes-Benz service heart for a radical inspection and prognosis.


Pre Protected Mode is a beneficial security function in Mercedes-Benz autos, designed to guard occupants in potential accident eventualities. Nevertheless, there could also be cases when the system must be reset. By following the straightforward steps outlined on this article, you may reset Pre Protected Mode in your Mercedes and make sure the system is functioning optimally.